Collection of Practices

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Collection of Practices 

A compilation of different practices and prayers in widespread use


A1 - The Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones

B1 - Lineage prayers

B10 - The Mind Training in Eight Verses

B20 - Prayers said before Teachings

B24 - Offering the Mandala of Thirty Seven Elements

B30 Prayers said before empowerments

B31 - Offering the Mandala of Thirty Seven Elements

C1 - The Sutra of the Heart of Transcendent Knowledge

D1 - The Vajra Subduer

E1 - The Daily Practice of Noble Tara

E5 - The Twenty-One Praises of Exalted Tara

F1 - Sang Offering

F9 - Incense Offering

G1 - The Abundant Rain of Nectar Benefiting All An Offering of Purifying Incense to the Local Deities

i 1 - The Shower of Blessings - The Seven Lines Sadhana

i 12 - Blessing and repairing of the mantra recitation

I 13 - Inner Food Offering

J1 - Prayer to Vajrakilaya taken from the Seven Chapters

J2 - The Unimpeded Activity, The offering prayer to Guardians of the Teaching, from the Secret Heart Essence of the Great Perfection

J5 - Dharmapala Prayers

K1 - Purification Prayer from the Heart of Vajrasattva

K3 - Daily Confession taken from the confession tantra, «The Stainless King»

K4 - A short prayer for maintaining one’s vows

K19 - Lamp Offering Prayer

K25 - The Ineffable Absolute Confession

L1 - The Treasure of Blessings A sadhana of the Buddha

L6 - Offering the Mandala of Thirty Seven Elements

L8 - Short Praise of the Life of the Buddha

M1 - Sadhana of Chenrezi Filling space with the benefit of beings

M3 - Prayer to Chenrezi

M6 - Short sur offering

N1 - Prayer of the Tenth Day

N6 - The Spontaneous Accomplishment of all Wishes

N12 - Clearing the Obstacles of the Path

N23 - Prayers to Guru Rinpoche

N100 - The Secret Path of the Vidyadharas Prayer to be reborn in the Pure Land of Ngayab

Q1 - The Prayer of Yeshe Tsogyal

R1 - The Prayer of the Three Yogas

S1 - The Prayer of the Vajradhatu Mandala

T1 - A prayer that the teachings of the Ancient Tradition may flourish

U1 - Prayers for the Teachers

V1 - Concluding Prayers

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Collection of prayers - ebook - format pdf

Collection of prayers - ebook - format pdf

Collection of Practices

(ebook - format pdf)

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